Dogs Rule

All my life I have loved dogs. They are truly man's (and woman's) best friend. They are not only great companions but look at all the services they provide us today. Because of their many abilities and their devotion and love for people, it is amazing the number of jobs they do for us (better than any of us could do). We all know about police dogs but there are also search and rescue dogs; dogs that help care for and warn diabetics, people with autism, people with PTSD, people who are sight or hearing impaired, people with allergies, and a host of other things; fire dogs; bomb dogs; emotional support dogs; and many others.. It is truly amazing and the list keeps growing. And they do it all with great love and are overjoyed to be rewarded with kind words and loving attention. Truly, in many ways, I think dogs are better than people.

For this reason, I am both honored and pleased to accept the responsibility of Program Director for the Fair Canine Foundation. I look forward to working with many good charities and causes that support our wonderful service dogs.


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